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Networking Services:
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Whether you are building your network from the ground up or updating your existing network, we will work with you to find the right solutions. You can rely on the knowledge and expertise of our team of experienced professionals for all your networking and computer needs. What we do is simple. We create the network solutions that make your business work better and efficiently. We also cater to Home networks utilizing DSL and Cable Internet.. Ask Us How!!

E-Mail Servers:
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We Install   email server for small businesses/home networks with only one internet connection that require email access for all staff/PCs. E-mail Servers works on all networks using the TCP/IP protocol, and it is necessary for each intended user to have their own email client installed.
It also lets staff send internal emails without the need for an internet connection.

Computer Repairs:

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We service and repair most brands, makes and models of computers, printers, notebooks, laptops. (In-house or On-Site) We perform system optimizations, troubleshoot Dos, Win3.11, 95, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 Pro, Xp, Xp Pro operating system as well as service most servers and workstations and other units as well, etc. We troubleshoot and evaluate computer, and laptop systems and offer "same day" service in some cases.
We provide tune-ups, new DSL/cable modem configuration and start-up/installation, preventative maintenance, internet log-on connectivity, computer "moves", onsite POS systems service, upgrades, consulting, second opinion evaluations, fix most network problems, new computer, peripheral and software installations start-up and deployment, scheduled service and much more. We service all job platforms and fields. For those of you too far away we offer a "mail-in" service (For details click on Service Request below).
Also, if you are a national company and need computer work done at your Orlando or immediate surrounding areas location or jobsite on an ongoing basis or on-call/stand-by basis and would like to hire us for that work then give us a call or email.            

Windows Support:

Get your Windows system (NT Servers and Workstations, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000) running properly. If you are having problems or errors when you run Windows, or if you would like instruction, we can help.

Internet Access Support:
Take advantage of the latest online technology. We'll help you set up fast, easy e-mail communication at every desk, reference mountains of information on the World Wide Web or even open your own Internet virtual storefront.
Onsite Hardware Upgrades:

Need more RAM? Want a bigger hard drive? Need a tape drive for backing up important data (you do back up your data, don't you)? Virtually any hardware upgrade can be done onsite without moving your equipment.

Software Installation Assistance:
Configuring new computer programs can be tricky. We'll get your new software up and running quickly, plus, we can free up valuable hard drive space by correctly removing old software you're no longer using.
Diagnostic Testing:

Is your system acting up? Is your printer giving you grief? We can get to the root of the trouble, let you know exactly what the problem is and optimize your systems performance.

PC Cleaning and Repair:

We highly recommend you professionally clean your equipment's internal components at least once a year. Proper maintenance will help eliminate some computer problems as well as costly down time, before it happens. When repairs are required, 95% can be done quickly onsite without the inconvenience of removing the computer.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery:

Forget unhooking computer equipment and lugging it all over town. Whether you're bringing in new computer systems or sending a machine out for repairs, we can save you time, effort and money.

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